What are body mites?


Body mites are microscopic parasites that feed on both animals and humans. They cannot be seen at first glance and a person may wonder why he or she is itching when there is no visible sign of a rash. Mites have been found in ear canals and other odd places on the body and can often only be diagnosed using a skin swab that is sent to a lab. Some common types of body mites include scabies and chiggers.
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1. Take a trip to your doctor. Your doctor will give you a lotion called Permethrin to spread on your body that will kill the mites. 2. Take a shower before applying the lotion. 3
Mites' bodies are split into two sections. The front section is called the cephalothorax and the hind part is called the abdomen or the opisthosoma. Their mouth parts include jaws
The treatment for mites typically is an antibiotic or a topical cream which
Most people have eyelash mites that live and feed in eyelash follicles and in hair follicles of the forehead. But not the hair on top of your head. The mites are incredibly small.
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