Body Parts of a Lion?


A lion is a mammal that is in the feline family and the second largest of all felines, while the tiger is the largest. When in the wild, a lion can live anywhere from 10-14 years, but it has a longer life span when in captivity and can live for about 20 years. They are considered social animals when compared to other cats and are easily recognizable by its mane, which is its defining characteristic. Other body parts of a lion include its paws, its tail, its jaw and sharp teeth, and its Jacobson's organ, which gives the lion its sharp sense of smell.
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Different body parts weigh different. Some of them weigh more than others based of their function, and size. The heaviest organ in the body is the brain.
1. Find a body part photograph or take a photograph of a body part. 2. Place the photograph to the left or right of the drawing paper and block in the drawing with lines first, making
The colon wins in terms of absolute numbers (given that a significant portion of poop is bacteria) but I would cast my vote for the oral cavity due to the sheer number of different
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Body Parts of a Lion
Lionesses are the primary hunters, but male lions are responsible for protecting the pride. Each job requires strength, and lions’ bodies are designed to help them survive and do their jobs effectively.... More »
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