What are some body parts of a turtle?


The parts of a turtle's body include head and mouth, legs, top shell, tail, and under shell. The shell is the outer covering of turtle. When they sense danger, they tend to hide their other body parts like the head and tail inside the shell.
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Sea turtles. Sea turtles have both an internal and external skeleton. The external skeleton is comprised of a bony shell and provides protection and support to internal organs. The
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A turtle's tail and neck are edible. You can boil them or fry them, and after you've boiled the meat, you can include it in a soup or casserole. A turtle's arms and legs, or fins,
A turtle's shell is part of its body, half on top attached at
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Body Parts of a Turtle
Thirteen families of turtles include approximately 250 species of the reptile. The various body parts of a turtle each have a specific function that helps the creature survive in its habitat.... More »
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