Bohr Diagram of Stable Ion?


A Bohr diagram and a Bohr diagram for the stable ion formed are the same thing. There is no difference. They both show electronic configuration of the element in question. The first one may refer to the electronic configuration of the ion from which the atom forms.
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Basically a Bohr Diagram of Stable Ion is a ion that makes the drawing stable, for example if you appear to have 2 electrons on the first shell, 8 on the second, and 1 on the last
Sounds like they are asking for the diagram of the atom with all of the electrons and then the stable ion it forms when it gains or looses electrons to form a cation or anion.
OK, a stable ion either has a full outer shell of electrons if it adds electrons and becomes a negative ion or a stable ion empties the outer shell completely and presents a full
20 Oct 2007 Neon is a noble gas and does not make ions. Bohr's model had electrons in energy levels, but Rutherford's did not. I don't believe neutrons were -... read
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