What can you do for a boil in the groin area?


Boils in the groin area are caused by a bacterial infection in a blocked oil gland or hair follicle. You can try applying tea tree oil to a boil to help the boil go away more quickly. If you notice redness in streaks around the boil or if the boil is larger than half an inch wide, seek medical treatment.
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Not Medical Advice: Groin boils occur mainly due to the inflammation of the hair follicles. It is characterized by pus filled lump, pain & high fever. report this answer. Updated
shaving? hmmmm could it be razor bumps or razor irration? either case razor or boils apply some Neat (undiluted) essential oil of lavender to the distressed spot. Some Oil of Oregano
It's already infected, it's why it won't heal. You need to go see a dr so he can drain it, put you on meds and keep an eye on it. A boil that won't heal is nothing to mess around
It could be hospital aquired mrsa. This is a very serious but treatable staph infection. My daughter had it around her vaginal area. If the boil bursts be sure to use anti-bacterial
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