Bojangles Fried Turkey?


Bojangles not only offers Fried Chicken, they now offer Fried Turkey. Bojangles Fried Turkey is offered during the Thanksgiving season. It is a tasty seasoned Fried Turkey that can be preordered with various sides.
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Frying a turkey has become a very popular way to cook a turkey. Some things you will need are a deep fryer, turkey, 3-5 gallons of oil and dry spice rub. You can find more information
Step. 1. Take your thawed turkey and remove neck and giblets. Wash turkey inside and out then pat dry. Season with favorite rub or spices of your choice and let soak for 1 hour. Step
Life is full of dilemmas. Paper or plastic? Wake up or hit the snooze button? Deep fry or roast? Fortunately one of those tough decisions just got a whole lot easier. Deep frying
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