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A bolt torque chart is a chart that lists the shear strengths of different sizes of bolts. The charts give you the diameter of each size bolt, along with the stress area and clamp load. The chart also contains the pitch, grade, and assembly torque when dry. There also both English and metric bolt torque charts as well as charts that are in torque foot-pounds. The largest bolt on the chart is 4 and 1/2 inches.
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1. Consult your engine's service manual for the correct torque values for the head bolts. The service manual should also specify the correct sequence in which to torque the head bolts
25 newton meters 30 newton meters 90 degrees 90 degrees hope that helps my fiat punto 1998 is always goin wrong has cost me an arm and a leg since iv had it since Jan 07!! wouldn't
If you're looking for a purely mathematical calculation based on the limit of the bolt to withstand rotational shearing force, you would need to determine two things. (1) The total
90 ft/lbs.
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