Bone Stuck in Throat?


If there is a bone stuck in your throat chances are you were eating fish or chicken when it happened. One home remedy to dislodge the bone in your throat is to drink lots of water with a little bit of salt added to it. Eating something solid such as bread will often help dislodge the bone on the throat. Drinking diluted vinegar will sometimes help to soften the bone, which may just dislodge it.
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Sometimes, fishbones are so embedded they need to be removed with a pair of forceps. However, we often recommend that people try and eat a big chunk of dry bread, (only if you are
Eat small pieces of bread. my sister was eating fish and started to cough but I told her to eat bread. Don't chew it a lot. just so you get a greater chance of the bone going to the
1. Try home remedies only if you are unable to get to a doctor immediately. An old remedy for removing a fishbone stuck in the throat is to eat a mouthful of marshmallows. Marshmallows
Best to see a doc so he can take it out. Or eat
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