Book Genre Types?


Some of the book genre types are fiction, science fiction, thriller, tragedy, and comedy. Other types of book genres are Biography, autobiography, mystery, action, adventure, and romance. Fantasy, historical, non-fiction and horror are also types of book genres. Violence, true story, documentary and comedy can also be added to the list. there is also illustrated books, handbooks, science books, reference books and hymnals. The genres of books are endless, and are still being created today.
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Fiction. Non-Fiction. Fantasy. Mystery. Realistic-Fiction. Science Fiction. Informational. Poetic.
1. Clarify the teacher's requirements about the type and length of acceptable books. Be sure the book you choose matches the requirements for difficulty, topic, and genre. 2. Choose
I'm surprised that no one's mentioned The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen yet, written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Kevin O'Neill. The comic famously draws on a number of literary
1. Find a comic book store in your town or city. Once you have done that you can begin to look for a series. Ad. 2. Start with a series or superhero you know (from a movie or TV show
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