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A book report cover page is a page that covers the report, and includes the title of the report. It also has the authors name, teachers name, and the class the report is for. The date is also included. The information should be centered on the page with each having it's own line. Depending on what grade, the cover can have artwork on it. Always use the same paper for the cover that the report is written in.
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1. Determine if the teacher has given you a specific style sheet to follow. If he has, stick to the guidelines laid out in the sheet. 2. Type the title of the report centered in between
1. First, start with a blank page on a word processor, make sure your settings are set to an 8 1/2 by 11 inch format. 2. Hit the enter or return button exactly 23 times from the origin
A cover page should have your Name, Topic, Course and Section and the Date. When writing a paper you should also include a Introduction and a Work Cited Page at the End Listing your
History of the whole world is a tall order. A good starting point is Jacques Barzun - From Dawn to Decadence: 1500 to the Present: 500 Years of Western Cultural Life Its an intellectual
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To add pictures to the cover page of your book report you should be able to cut the picture from where ever you are getting your picture and then paste the picture ...
When you write a cover page for a report, make sure to include a title. You will also need to include your name and the name of your teacher or instructor. ...
1. Make sure that the cover page is a separate page from the rest of the report. It should be the first page of the report. It should not have a page number. 2 ...
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