Books By Mail?


There are many people that like to read books. Some people are not able to purchase the books or they are just not able to get out to get the books that they want to read. There are many libraries in the United States that offer books by mail that people can borrow. If a person does not just want to borrow the books, there are many different companies that sell books by mail to people (you can even get a subscription where they will send you one book a month).
Q&A Related to "Books By Mail?"
1. Package the book into a mailing package that is large enough to fit the book comfortably, but without leaving too much empty space. If there is empty space, cut the space so that
This feature, although a very cool idea, does not exist. I've pinged some folks who manage the Kindle Personal Documents Service so they are aware of this request. Not to solve this
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There is no standard rate because it depends on how much the book
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