How to Activate Call Tones to Boost Mobile?


Boost Call Tones are all about customization and personalization so that the caller hears a song instead of the usual ringing sound. This can be done by call Boost Mobile at 888-266-7848 to start the call tones feature, click the menu key to access your phone's main menu, scroll to Boost Live and then select call tones. The phone will display songs available and you select the title of call tone you wish to buy by clicking on 'Buy
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1. Call Boost Mobile at 888-266-7848 to activate the Call Tones feature. 2. Click the "Menu" key to access your phone's main menu. 3. Scroll to "BoostLive" and
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Boost Mobile Call Tones are the ring tones of Boost Mobile. These ring tones are customized and can also be personalized, which allows users to select tones that ...
You can check your Boost Mobile account online or by phone. If you want to check it online, you just have to log in to your account on their website and check ...
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