How do you activate aBoost Mobile phone?


To activate your Boost Mobile phone, you will need to visit their website, or call their 1-800 number. To activate online, make sure you have your phone with you. You will need to enter codes both into the website and on your phone for it to be usable.
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1. Choose a plan from BoostMobile's activation website (see Resources) Depending on the type of phone you have, select an appropriate plan from the three main options available. Once
To get free boost mobile minutes the best way is to add money to your phone and boost mobile will send you a code/ When you enter the code you get the same amount of minutes you purchased
Check out Boost Mobiles website for activation walk through,
1. Press the "Menu" key on the phone and select "BoostLIVE" if you have an iDEN series Boost Mobile phone. If you have a CDMA series Boost Mobile phone, select
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How to Activate Boost Mobile
Activating cellular service can be a trying experience. It usually involves going into a carrier's retail location, waiting in long lines for someone to help you only to be pressured to buy something you do not want. Fortunately, Boost Mobile has... More »
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