How to Activate Call Tones to Boost Mobile?


Boost Mobile Call Tones are the ring tones of Boost Mobile. These ring tones are customized and can also be personalized, which allows users to select tones that their callers can listen to as they wait for you to respond. One can select these tones from their website in order to see the full catalog of their tones.
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1. Call Boost Mobile at 888-266-7848 to activate the Call Tones feature. 2. Click the "Menu" key to access your phone's main menu. 3. Scroll to "BoostLive" and
Call Tones A assigned to play for all callers in the afternoons, and Call
There is no possible way to delete the call history online for a Boost Mobile account. If you would like to delete your call history, this can be done through the phone handset by
You can find them through Boost, or send them to your phone from another phone using the bluetooth device
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How to Activate Call Tones to Boost Mobile
Call Tones are Boost Mobile's name for ringback tones. Call Tones allow Boost Mobile users to personalize the sound that callers hear. When Call Tones are activated, the caller hears a song instead of the usual ringing sound. As of March 2011, there is a... More »
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