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Boost Mobile is a prepaid cell phone provider. There is a trick you can do to send a text message while you are placing a phone call. Hit the Menu then hit Hide Call. Now you can choose your text options and send your text. Hit send again to go back to your phone call.
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History. Boost Mobile launched in Australia in 2000, and came to the United States in 2001 through a partnership with Nextel Communications. When Sprint purchased Nextel in 2006,
Make sure that you have subscribed to a plan incl texting. If they
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1. Turn off your Boost Mobile phone. Remove the back battery cover and the battery. Write down the number next to "Model. Remove the SIM card and write down the SIM ID number
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Boost Mobile is a common cell phone distributor of the BlackBerry Curve. Boost Mobile BlackBerries offer a range of functions aimed at making life on the go easier. A BlackBerry is a smartphone that performs numerous functions aside from making telephone... More »
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