Can you use Borax to kill mold?


Borax is an effective mold-killing agent. To use it to kill mold, first you must determine where and how it will be used. Borax mixes well with water or vinegar, and can be used accordingly. For large patches of mold or heavy duty use, apply a 1:1 paste of borax and vinegar. For light duty use, generally a 4:1 solution of water and borax is sufficient.
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1. Use your vacuum to suck up any loose spores that may be floating around the mold site. Although it is best to use vacuum with a HEPA filter to lower the amount of spores carried
To kill mold, use a spray bottle and fill it with half hot water and half bleach. Make sure that there is plenty of ventilation in the room. Spray and wipe the area down. Make sure
1. Mix the sugar and borax. Ad. 2. Sprinkle it near the point of entry (e. g. window, door crack etc. 3. Repeat as necessary. Ad.
1. Sand along the grain of the finished wood to loosen up the mold on the wood. It is important to not apply too much pressure while sanding, otherwise you will dig into the wood,
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How to Use Borax to Kill Mold
Borax is a common cleaning chemical used by individuals and industrial companies alike. It does not emit any toxic chemicals when you use it, so you do not need to wear any sort of respiratory mask while using Borax. Although it is most often used for... More »
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