Borders Gift Card Balance?


To check the balance on a borders gift card have your card number in mind and then scratch off the pin number or access code where applicable. On the other hand borders gift card balance is a discount offered to consumers who purchase borders gifts. It is normally in percentages depending on the quantity purchased like 8%, 12%.
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Just call 1-877-728-4000 except the line is always busy as of August 25 2013. It is our suspciion it's just too late to gain use of whatever is balance. Correct?
1. Call the customer service number listed on the back of the gift card and ask the customer service representative if it is possible to transfer the balance of the gift card to another
1. Locate your gift card number. The front of the gift card contains a decorative design. The gift card number will be found on the back back of your Gymboree gift card. You will
I was wondering the same thing. It's not as easy as a Walmart gift card, but I found this at the FAQ: "How can
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