How to Make Roach Killer Paste from Boric Acid Powder?


Boric acid roach killer is a liquid acid used to terminate cockroaches. How to make roach killer paste from boric acid powder; first make a shortening and sugar mixture that is creamy. Add one cup of boric acid and white flour to the creamy mixture, stir this to mix completely. Add milk to this mixture and stir to create a thick paste. When done scoop different amounts of this mixture and place them strategically to ensure you are able to terminate the cockroaches.
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1. The sweetness of sugar is attractive to cockroaches. Place 1/4 cup of shortening in a bowl. Add 1/8 cup of brown or white sugar to the shortening. Stir the two ingredients together
Boric acid is also used as food preservatives as well as
great grannies roach recipe. 1 tablespoon of sugar. 1 tablespoon all purpose flour. 1 tablespoon of boric acid powder. mix thoroughly and add the white of one egg. mix into a past
That is the dumbest thing I ever heard in my life! A Gecko! HA HA ! Why not try Raid foggers or DE-con Cockroach control disk before you put a zoo in your house. If you want a drastic
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1. Use some boric acid to kill roaches. Sprinkle small amounts behind appliances or furniture. Boric acid is an extremely effective roach killer. It works by attacking ...
To use boric acid to kill roaches sprinkling the powder in locations where the roaches will walk through it. Such places are behind appliances and in corners of ...
Boric acid can be used to get rid of roaches. All you need to do is first empty all your kitchen cabinets and underneath your sinks. Thoroughly clean your sinks, ...
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