How can i install borland c on win 7 x64?


Install a software called dosbox then install the turbo c++.
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Well, naturally you would have to re-write the graphics part of this project. Apart from that, there are a few things to look out for: Endianity: Mac OS X is big endian, DOS/Windows
thanks for your kind reply. i already try to draw a simple circle as a begining but there is a error detected in my source code. the message said:"#error BGI graphics not supported
In the Import OLE Control dialog box, choose a control which you want to use in your application in the Registered Controls list and click OK. Click the OCX tab at the Toolbar. The
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Athena PC was developed using Borlands Visual DBase and thus the database is referred to as XBase, the X referring to being compatible with Microsoft, Computer ...
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