How do you sharpen a paper cutter blade?


You can sharpen a paper cutter blade easily without taking anything apart. If you have a knife sharpener, a V-shaped device, you can run the blade through that no problem. Otherwise, you can use a whetstone and run it against the blade.
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1. Close the paper cutter's bladed swing arm. Hold the handle of the swing arm firmly in the down position with one hand while you remove the retaining bolt from the hinge side of
To sharpen the blade on a paper cutter you should use sandpaper.It may
A paper cutter is an utility which cuts paper in straight line while moving it from one end of the paper to the other with help of a sharp blade.
Manual guillotine-style paper cutters wear out over time, especially when the blade is used for cutting plastic or laminated sheets, or cutting through staples. Cutting thick objects
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