Bottle Rot?


Bottle rot is a term given to a condition where very young children experience tooth decay. It usually occurs from excessive exposure to the sugars in milk from falling asleep with their bottle or allowing them to suck excessively on their mother's breast.
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When a toddler falls asleep with a bottle in mouth and the milk or juice eventually rots the
I highly doubt that 4 ounces of milk a day will causes "bottle rot" By the way why are your 10 month olds on milk? I assume you know that babys should be on formula or breast
Leave the top off so it won't burst on you by accident and to let natural yeasts in the air do it's job. Once it shows a little fur, bubbles and slime floating or sitting on the top
Baby bottle rot is the common name for children who have significant numbers of cavities at an early age. Learn more about how cavities form here . Frequent and long term exposure
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Baby bottle rot is temporary tooth decay in infants. This is mostly caused by the baby feed such as sugary drinks and cookies. Rots have to be prevented to keep ...
Clear away any old or rotting produce from your fridge to make room for new produce. Neatly place large bottle on the top shelf and stack condiments on the side ...
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