How to Bowl a Googly in Cricket?


The googly, also called the leg spinner, is a bowling throw action in cricket. To bowl a googly, hold the ball with the index finger and middle finger on the seam, spread out across the top of the ball. The thumb show be adjacent to the seam, with the ring finger on the side of the ball, mainly there to hold the ball in place. While throwing, twist the wrist 180 degrees while releasing to create the spin.
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1. Turn a door handle with your fingers-it's the same action. Practice spinning the ball from hand to hand, see how the fingers do the work, especially the index finger. Right-handers
Bowling in Cricket, the elbow joint must not straighten out
the player who can perform all the skills of bowling. Source(s)
1 Get your leading arm as high as possible. This ensures proper momentum. Ad 2 Get your line and length when bowling at your normal speed. This can be achieved by continually bowling
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