What is a Bowmaster Bow Press?


According to Amazon, the Martin Bowmaster Bow Press is for the repair and maintenance of hunting bows. Bass Pro Shops offers a Bowmaster Portable Bow Press that is ideal for bow repairs in the field or at home.

The Bowmaster Bow Press is available at most sporting-goods stores and online, and it has received many good reviews. This bow press is used for changing the strings or cables on a bow. No other tools are required and it works on older models. This bow press can also adapt to any bow length. However, according to Bass Pro Shops, it cannot be used on a split-bow without the use of Bowmaster Split-Limb Adapter Brackets. These brackets are sold separately.

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1. Insert the cable ends through the V in the limbs of your bow. The jackscrew should be at least four inches from the closest cable stop. 2. Adjust the jackscrew about one inch out
*Answers* Every bow you should be able to adjust that.
It really depends on the type of bow you have... split limbs, parallel limbs. it makes a difference. But I make my own(just for string and cable repair only) and its simple and cheap
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