Box 14 on W 2?


Box 14 on a W2 form contains additional information supplied by your employer. This information could be health insurance premiums, union dues, or retirement plan contributions. Generally speaking, any income that is listed here will be non-taxable income.
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TRS stands for Teacher Retirement Systems and I believe it has to do with a 401k or similar type retirement plan.
1. Put a check mark in the next to the word "Statutory Employee" if the person worked full-time as a salesperson, life insurance agent or did work on houses using materials
Did your employer provide you with a vehicle? That is one of the things shown in Box 14. The amount is also shown in Box 1. There are other amount also shown in Box 14. These include
Stands for Sales Tax Prosecution Unit.specifically. This code should only be used if sales taxes were paid on your behalf for by the employer.perhaps you purchased a vehicle that
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