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The Boxcar Children is a book series first written by Gertrude Chandler Warner in the year 1924. The stories revolve around four orphaned children who made their home in a boxcar they found in the woods. Eventually their wealthy grandfather found them and took them to live with him. The boxcar was also used to his estate and the children spent many happy years using it as their playhouse. Subsequent books told of various adventures the children would go on with their grandfather.
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Benny is 6. Violet is 10. Jessie is 12. Henry is 15.
1. Talk to the students about the books before they read the first story. Find a way to grab their interest. A child's interest in a subject peaks when a teacher tells her how he
The boxcar children was written by Gertrude Chandler Warner, a fantastic novel about
They escaped from their abusive foster parents in the middle of the night and found the abandoned boxcar in the forest. . . I read that book when I was little (:
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The Boxcar Children series of children's novels by Gertrude Chandler makes great teaching units and learning tools to help get kids interested in reading and more ...
a mystery and fictional. ...
Gertrude Chandler Warner created the series, writing the first several, and then someone else took over. ...
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