Boxer Beagle Mix?


One designer breed of dog is the Bogle. This dog breed is a mix between a Boxer and Beagle. A Bogle will get as big as a medium sized dog. This Boxer Beagle hybrid breed has become quite popular over the past decade.
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Because The dog is a mix breed, the size is up in the air. It's really rather impossible to guess.
If a puppy that was out of a Boxer and Beagle came out
A female beagle can be around 25 pounds. Boxers get around 55 pounds. I would say the pup would get to be somewhere around 40 to 45 pounds but there is a chance of being bigger. I
Boxers' adult size is usually between 53 and 70 lbs. Female dogs will more likely fall toward the smaller end of the size range most common for their breed. A purebred boxer usually
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