How big can I expect my husky/boxer mix to get?


Husky-boxers can get to the average size of a husky or of a boxer. Because the dog is mixed it cannot be determined how big it will get without studying the growth of this one dog. One will have to wait and see as time goes on how big it will get.
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No nicknames found for a Boxer/Husky mix. Maybe a Hoxer?
Siberian Huskies are a breed that go back hundreds of years. There is no "mix" they are a breed of their own and are pure bred.
Since he is a crossbreed, it's actually pretty hard to determine when he matures in to an adult. But since your dog is more likely to be a large, this can take any where from 12-18
1. Socialize the puppy by exposing it to a variety of people, places, other dogs and noisy household items, such as the vacuum cleaner. Do this to prevent the dog from becoming wary
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