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A boxer lab mix puppy will steal your heart at first glance. Sometimes it is difficult to determine how big a puppy will get, especially if you haven't seen the parents. One way to get a general idea is to look at the size of their paws. The bigger the paw, the bigger the puppy will get. As with all puppies, special care needs to be taken while they are young and in the teething stage. Keep plenty of chew toys around so your pup will chew on those rather than shoes or furniture. If this is a problem, simply tell him, 'no' in a stern voice.
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High-energy and friendly, Labrador retriever mixes typically make good pets. If you’ve just adopted a Lab-mix puppy, you may have some questions on how to take care of it. Fortunately
It could look like a more muscular boxer or it could look like a less muscular pit-bull. Either way it will not be short hair.
A mix between these two breeds of dog would not produce a standard type of offspring. You may well get some dogs that look like Boxers and some like Labradors. Some may have short
A boxer/lab mixed dog woud be called a Boxador, which is a cross between the Boxer and
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A Boxer Lab mix is often referred to as a Boxador. Once the animal is full grown, they may reach a weight of at least 70, and possibly even up to 100 pounds. That ...
Boxer pitbull mix puppies are becoming a popular choice of dog lovers everywhere. The pups will grow to about 27 inches tall and may weigh up to 75 pounds. This ...
A boxer lab mix sometimes looks like a boxer. They can vary in what they look like. They will be bigger than a regular boxer because of the size of the lab. ...
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