How are pit bull/boxer mixed dogs with children?


Pitbulls are known as an 'aggressive breed'. Even when mixed, the pitbull and boxer combination could be very dangerous around your children. However, this all depends on the dog, and many Pitbulls and boxers are very well behaved.
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Approx. 10 to 14 years with good medical care, nutrition and love!
The pitbull boxer mix has the typical mastiff wrinkly muzzle, muscled
My dog's best doggy friend is a boxer/pit mix named Kya! She is just absolutely adorable and sweet. She is very affectionate. She is a rescue dog. Her previous owners dumped her after
1. Choose the dogs. The genetic background of the dogs is very important in this selection. The most common Pit Bull mix is with a Labrador. (Labrabull) Pitweilers (Pit Bull and Rottweiler
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