Boy Scouts Rope Making Machine?


If your son is a member of the Boy Scouts, he may have to become familiar with a rope making machine. This is a requirement of the Pioneering Merit Badge. All badges come with a booklet explaining the requirements, and this one is no different. All tips and instructions for a machine like this can be found within the booklet. The scout can also look to his leader or older boys in the group for guidance.
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1. Lay the rope on a flat surface such as the floor or a table and find the middle of the rope. You can choose to go ahead and make a loop in the middle of the rope, but it is not
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Only five percent of all boy scouts reach the Eagle rank.
The Boy Scout neckerchief is more than a uniform accessory. Back in the early days of scouting, neckerchief served practical purposes such as dust protection and facial disguise.
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To make a Boy Scout rope ladder, lay a rope in a U shape. From there, pull a section of the rope out, and shape it into an 's.' Take the other side of the rope ...
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