Boyfriend Birthday Cards?


One can buy birthday cards for their boyfriend from greeting card companies such as Hallmark and American Greetings. However, one can also make it even more personalized by making your own romantic birthday card for your birthday. One can write a poem highlighting the wonderful qualities of your boyfriend and reasons why you love them and then decorate it with some stickers or some penned designs.
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1. Place a piece of card stock in the color of your choice on your work space. Make sure the card stock is placed horizontally on the work space. 2. Fold the card stock in half. This
Happy Birthday.
1. Open a blank page in your word processing program. Choose your page layout, whether it will be vertical or horizontal. 2. Decide where you will place the picture on your card,
1. Free Websites. Log on to a website that offers free printable birthday cards. A few such sites include and These websites offer a wide selection
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Birthday Card Ideas for Boyfriends
It is an annual question: What do I get for that special someone for his birthday? Although a present is often important, sometimes the card is just as vital. Here are some options to send the perfect birthday message, whether he's a new squeeze or a... More »
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