Boyfriend Wants to Take a Break?


They're words that no lady wants to hear from a boyfriend she cares about: 'Baby, I think we need to take a break.' When your man delivers this news, it's easy to feel angry, heartbroken, and confused. What exactly does a 'break' mean? And what can you do to repair the relationship?

'Taking a break' can mean different things to different people, and there's no single definition to go by. Is your guy facing an extremely stressful time in his life? If there are impending exams, pressure at home, or sick family members, it could be that he just feels he doesn't have the time or emotional energy to invest in your relationship right now, and so he's asking you to give him a chance to get his life in order again. By contrast, 'taking a break' could also be a sign that he wants to break up, but can't bring himself to say it. Many people feel better when they find what they think is a way to 'let you down easy.' The problem with this plan, of course, is that it often results in a lack of clarity, and that makes life more difficult for everyone.

Whatever you do, remember that every relationship depends on the cooperation of at least two willing partners. If he truly feels that he can no longer participate, then there's nothing you can do, no matter how you feel. Before drawing any final conclusions, however, be sure to find some time to have a calm and collected conversation with him about what exactly he wants and why. After all, you're not a mind reader; the only way to know how to proceed is through clear and open communication.
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