Brahma Boots?


Brahma Boots are a popular type of men's work boots. The boots are leather and have an optional steel toe for those involved in a job which would require extra protection. They are also waterproof. Brahma Boots can be purchased at a variety of stores including Sears and Kmart. Many men swear by these boots as being the most comfortable workboot they have worn. This is primarily due to the fact that the inside of the boot is padded, and the strings are easy to lace up.
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Sho Windickey.
Brahma boots are imported and their contact information is not
Brahma is an exclusive import for Wal-Mart. I believe they are manufactured in India.
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There are a lot of stores that sell Brahma Boots as well as online. Stores like Sears, Jc Penny and other type of boot stores sell these types of boots. Places ...
= Answer = The web site for Brahma is They have offices in Mexico,Colombia,Florida. The original Brahma, however, does not own the registered ...
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