How do I braid a money tree?


The money tree plant is a tree that is often kept as a houseplant because it doesn't exceed 7 feet. Often this plant is sold with a decorative, braided trunk. Braiding your own money tree plant is an easy process that requires only time, string and stakes. Braid the stems, tie the stems off, and repeat this process until the tree is fully grown.

  1. Braid the stems

    When your money tree plant is still young and only 14 inches tall, braid the green stems together. Make sure to keep the braid loose, giving the plant room to grow. Braid up until you reach the leaves.

  2. Tie the braid

    Loosely knot a string with long ends around the end of the braid. Attach the other end of the string to stakes placed in the soil around the plant. This ensures that the braid stays in place while the plant grows.

  3. Repeat the process

    Allow the tree to grow a couple of months. Untie the string, and braid new growth. Retie the string. Repeat this process over the course of several months until you are satisfied with the height of the plant.

  4. Untie the plant

    Once the money tree plant has reached its target height, remove the string and the stakes.

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