Breastfeeding Vs Bottle Feeding?


The debate on whether breastfeeding is better than bottle feeding has gone on for years. When it comes to breastfeeding Vs bottle feeding, both have benefits, advantages, and disadvantages. Doctors and experts agree that breastfeeding is better for the baby. Some mothers are not able to breastfeed their baby and need to use formula. The choice is a personal one for each mother. The mother should make the decision on what is the best choice for her.
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breastfeeding can also help you los alot of the baby weight gained during pregnancy because of the calories it takes to produce milk. its soooo muc healthier, those babies are less
Cut the sugar. The first thing you must do is quit all white flour, sugar and anything containing sugar. Change your white bread to whole grain, your pasta to whole grain (or quit
Bottle feeding and breast feeding both provide adequate nutrition for growing babies and neither is harmful. Breast feeding allows the mothers antibodies to protect the baby until
Breastfed babies are healthier, they
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There are several reasons why breast feeding is better than bottle feeding. One of the reasons is because it is easy to digest and contains all the nutrients that ...
Transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle feeding is tough for both the mother and the baby. Start the transition by introducing the bottle to your baby and try ...
Breast milk is best for your baby! According to Baby Milk Action 1.5 million babies die every year due to unsafe bottle feeding! In comparison to artificial milk ...
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