What Are the Dangers of a Human Breathing Freon?


Freon is used in refrigerators and air conditioners. If it is leaking, it can have the most serious effects when someone is initially exposed to it. It is especially dangerous for those with heart problems. However, over the long term, freon does not accumulate in the body and causes few long term health problems.
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Oxygen depletion is the issue. No O2=death. A few folks have done this and died. It's not from the buzz you get, it is from passing out and not getting oxygen in your lungs. Freon
Freon r134 have few cumulative effects, if any, long term health effects.
I'm not sure how much the concentration for household use is, but Freon in higher doses (without a good ventilation) can be very hazardeous. Please see the following document and
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The Effects of Breathing Freon
Freon is a commonly used term for a class of chemicals used typically for refrigeration, either in air conditioning units, refrigerators, or other items that require cooling. These chemicals are most commonly fluorinated hydrocarbons and can be extremely... More »
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Symptoms of Freon poisoning may include breathing difficulty, throat swelling, pain in throat, eyes, nose, and vomiting. The extent of your symptoms will depend ...
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