Brick Calculators?


To use the brick calculator you will need to have Javascript enabled. The calculator is designed to display information about brick construction projects. Brick calculator are designed to be universal at to number systems. When entering sizes of area and bricks, you should be sure as to not enter them in feet and inches. Sizes should be entered as inches or just millimeters. They can also be decimal fraction. You will need to enter the facing width and the facing length.
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1. Measure the brick dimensions (length,width and height) using a ruler. For example, the brick size is 8 by 3 by 2 inches. 2. Multiply the length, width and height of the brick to
there are 54 bricks per square meter.
If 1 sqm =60 brick is considered correct then total brick will be 60x60=3600 brick. Standard size means as per IS modular one brick (19x9x9 c.m. & width mortar (20x10x10 c.m.
You have to multiply by the "density" of the bricks, which has units of pounds/brick. (You might think of this as the weight of a brick, but you want to get the units right
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