How to Attach Brick to Fence Posts?


There are screws that you can buy that will attach things to brick and concrete. Once you buy the screws needed, attaching the fence will be fairly easy. Make sure that the fence matches the brick.
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1. Measure the length and width of your fence post and mark the outline with string and wooden stakes. 2. Excavate the ground where you will lay the bricks by removing any grass and
You can build a brick fence with bricks and mortar, laid out on a chalk line to make sure it's even. Lay the first row of bricks down in the ground, then build the fence by laying
1. Remove the wire, nails or screws attached to the fence post by using a hammer claw or pry bar. 2. Dig out the section of the fence post that is in the ground with a spade or shovel
1. Put on work gloves and safety goggles. 2. Set the chopping block onto a piece of level ground. Hammer the block into the ground a few times using the mallet to secure it into place
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