How should a bridal shower card be worded?


The wording that a guest includes on a bridal shower card varies greatly depending on how close that her relationship with the bride is. A close friend or relative will often leave heartfelt messages that are specific to the bride, the groom, and their future together. More distant relatives and friends may opt to simply thank the couple for allowing them to join in on their wedding celebrations and wish them well with their final wedding preparations.
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1. Address the note inside the gift card to either the bride or to the bride and groom, depending on the type of bridal shower being thrown. Some bridal showers are just for the bride
I'll give two answers since you don't say whether you mean in the invite or the thank you; INVITE: Please join us as we shower Mary with treasures for her future married life with
People will like that their gift was acknowledged and appreciated - so what you have satisifies that. I think what you have is great. If you want to personalize it a little more,
Some nice things to put in a bridal shower card are: "have a
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How to Word a Gift Card for a Bridal Shower
When someone you know is getting married, it's a happy and joyous occasion. It's something you want to celebrate, and you should also want to make it clear to the bride-to-be that you are happy for her and wish her the best of luck in her upcoming... More »
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It can be difficult to decide what sayings are appropriate to put on a bridal shower card for a friend or relative. Guests may always choose to keep their card ...
When giving a bridal shower card to a bride, congratulate her and her groom and wish them much happiness and a long life together. Some people like to add a bible ...
You will want to write a few items on a bridal shower invitation card. You will want to tell where the shower will be located. A few other things are the date, ...
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