How to Write a Case Brief?


A case brief is very easy to write. It is often used as a study guide for paralegal students and law students alike. The case brief is broken down into seven sections. The name of the case, the court it was heard, and the legal citation is written on
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1. Read the case twice. The first read should be very quick to get a feel for the subject matter and outcome. The second read should be slow, and the reader should make key notes
1 Read the case. Read the opinion all the way through before beginning your brief to get a basic understanding of what happened, how the case got to the particular Court, and what
(brēf'kās') n. A portable, often flat case with a handle, used for carrying papers or books. [brief, document + CASE2.]
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A student brief is different than a court brief. A student brief is a short analysis of a case and will have a certain form. Your professor will list acceptable ...
The tire company who has a man with a brief case as the logo is a Canadian tire company. They have been making tires for over 30 years but they have a negative ...
1. Step 1) It can be a daunting task as a first year law student in learning how to brief a case. The first step in briefing a case is to READ THE CASE THOROUGHLY ...
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