How do Brinks home safes work?


Brinks home safes come with a key and combination code for added security. To open a brinks home safe you must enter the correct code and use the key. You are able to open the brinks safe by performing a manual override as well.
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1. Enter the passcode onto the keypad of the safe, followed by pressing the “A” key. 2. Verify that the passcode was accepted by watching for a green light and listening
Not everybody lives in a town with a 1% crime rate and that means some people will purchase home safes to store their valuables in. One can purchase a home safe at stores like Home
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Clear the combination-lock tumblers by rotating the dial
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How to Open a Brinks Home Safe
Having a Brinks home-safe installed in your home is a good way to protect important documents and valuables. Oppening the safe is a simple process if you have the proper passcode, or emergency override key. One of Brinks' more popular home safes was the... More »
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