How do you open a Brinks padlock if the key is lost?


Once the key is lost for a Brinks brand Padlock the owner has a few options to try and open the lock. One can try and open the lock by picking it with a tension wrench and a short hook, but this will take time as well as some skill. Another way is to call a locksmith who will charge a fee, but can have it open in a matter of minutes. If all else fails, one can use a bolt cutter and break the lock.
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1. Open the handles of bolt cutters and position the jaws around the shackle of your Brinks padlock, if possible. Push the handles together to force the jaws into the metal. Repeat
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Contact the manufacturer and give them the serial number. They may be able to give you the combination or a master combination.
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Brinks Padlock Troubleshooting
A trusted name in security, Brinks padlocks offer homeowners an affordable way to secure their property and goods. Unfortunately, even a well-made lock can have problems if not properly maintained. Exposure to water and cold can freeze a lock, while rust... More »
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