How can you get the combination to Brinks safe model 5054?


How can combination be obtained for brinks home safe model 5054 can not be obtained unless you are the home owner or the company. If you are the home owner, contact Brinks and provide your security question. If you provide the right answer, you will be given the combination.
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The answer is don't buy Brink. You cannot even find a number to call them. All they are concern about is selling you their product. Why buy if you cannot get support.
Brink's Home Security safes have a 5 year limited warranty. . ASIN: B0002OOMT4; Item model number: 5054; Average Customer Review: 2.0 out of 5 stars See.
1. Type the existing code into the safe’s keypad and press the “A” button to complete the sequence. Lower the handle into the vertical position and pull the safe
The best way to secure a Brinks safe model 5059 to a
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