How Do You Smell Britney Spears Feet?


Britney Spears is an American singer who began performing as a child before she became a prominent musician. You can get pictures of her feet at To smell the feet of Britney Spear you have to be literary close to her and this is somewhat impossible because celebrities tend to live a private life and accessing them is hard.
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Britney Spears wears a size is 6 and 1/2. She is five feet four inches tall. Spears is an Amerian singer, songwriter and dancer who has had a large fan base since she was in her teens
Quite big, not pretty at all.
I'm seeing no info on her
Charlise has a tattoo of small flower on top of right foot & Brittney small daisy circling 2nd toe on right foot, butterfly leaving a vine on left foot
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