Broken Cell Phone?


When you break your cell phone, you may feel like you have lost your lifeline to the world. For a lot of people their cell phone is the only phone they have. They also have all their contacts only in their cell. If you have broken your cell phone, the first thing you can do is take it the carrier that you have your phone through; see if they can fix it for you. If they cannot fix it, you will want to find out if you have insurance on your phone. If you have insurance, you may be able to pay a small deductible and have your phone replaced. If you do not have insurance, you may have to pay full price for a new phone.
Q&A Related to "Broken Cell Phone?"
1. Verify that the phone is actually broken. Sometimes, software problems or dead batteries may lead you to improperly believe that your phone is broken. Plug the phone into its charger
phones that broke out of jail
1 Use a toothpick to remove any pieces of broken glass. Ad
In 1973 Martin Cooper who was then general manager of Motorola. His goal was to achieve personal wireless communication. He placed the first cell phone call on April 3, 1973.
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