How to Remove a Key Broken off in a Deadbolt Lock?


Unfortunately, there's no way for you to remove a key that broke off into a deadbolt lock. If you have a deadbolt lock that has a key occupying it partially, you need to get a locksmith. Sometimes, the lock will be unsalvageable.
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1. Unscrew the lock and thumb turn assembly with a screwdriver. Screws unscrew by turning the screwdriver counterclockwise. These screws are on the interior side of the door. 2. Open
Try a real small screwdriver like for glasses. You could also try a pin. Try to catch on one of the notches in the key and wiggle it out. If you can get it out just a little, maybe
I would break a window,
Spray the keyway, the area inside the lock where the key is stuck into, with lubricant. Slide the key removal tool into the keyway so that the teeth can reach the jagged edges of
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A broken deadbolt lock can sometimes be fixed with pliers. A Phillip's head screwdriver will also be needed. Start by taking off the screws that are on the faceplate ...
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