What are the symptoms of a broken knuckle?


The symptoms of a broken knuckle will normally include pain, bruising, swelling, lack of mobility, and eventual numbness. Dislocation of the finger is common and will often lead to the finger appearing to be deformed. The pain that occurs after the injury is normally very specific to the site of the injury. Medical care should be seeked immediately if a broken knuckle is suspected because an X-ray and a splint will be needed. Surgery is sometimes required for severe breaks.
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1. Wash any open wounds, such as cuts and scrapes, with hot water and dish soap or hand soap, or a similar antiseptic product. You must do this immediately after the injury to reduce
The last time I broke a finger, not only was it swollen, the knuckle was different shades of blue and purple. I was able to bend the finger but not much. If you are in doubt, go for
Have it x-rayed to make sure it does not heal improperly or all screwed up. Keep it straight and in a splint to avoid more damage and to heal. It will throb and hurt (like you hit
It could take 6-8 weeks for a knuckle to heal. Until then, it should be wrapped and
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