Broken Leg Recovery?


A broken leg can lead to a long recovery. The patient's primary care physician should be able to give him or her an estimated time of recovery. The severity of the break and the bone that breaks will affect how long the recovery time will be. Any leg fracture will result in a cast and physical therapy after the removal of the cast or directly after surgery. It is important that the patient completes physical therapy in order to regain full function of the leg.
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1. Listen to your doctor. There were differences in the way I broke both bones, even though the femur was involved each time. My first break was straight across so my doctor's orders
The best way to have a broken leg treated is to visit a doctor. If one can't get to a doctor right away it is important to keep the leg in a still position. This can be done using
You should be almost back to normal in about six weeks if you take care of it.
1 Do Upper Body workouts: Basically any arm weight lifting exercise. situps Pushups with broken leg crossed over good leg. plank position (yoga) the same way as push ups. pull ups
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To best way for recovery of a broken leg is to follow your doctor's orders. Visit the physical therapist and perform the exercises they instruct for you to do. ...
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