Broken Leg Surgery?


Broken leg surgery involves fixing of broken parts using metal plates, rods, screws and pins. This allows alignment during healing. Other minor injuries are treated with a cast or splint. However, in all cases quick analysis and treatment of a broken leg is important to complete healing.
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The best way to have a broken leg treated is to visit a doctor. If one can't get to a doctor right away it is important to keep the leg in a still position. This can be done using
if you got surgery on your leg to the point that they cut deep into your leg, you should wait about a month before going on a plane. both surgery, and going on planes can increase
Treat a Broken Leg Immobilize the leg immediately after the injury. Use pillows to elevate the leg to help reduce swelling. In cases where there is a compound fracture, meaning that
1 Do Upper Body workouts: Basically any arm weight lifting exercise. situps Pushups with broken leg crossed over good leg. plank position (yoga) the same way as push ups. pull ups
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It is my understanding that it is somewhat normal for a leg to swell up following surgery. The extent of the anticipated swelling is determined by the exact surgery ...
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