What happened to Brooke Gordon?


A custody battle, a legal-name dispute and a marriage to a former South Carolina gubernatorial candidate, Mullins McLeod, are only a small part of what has occupied Brooke Gordon since her divorce in 2003. Once married to Jeff Gordon, the NASCAR racing star, Brooke and the speedster parted ways after nine years of marriage.

After one of the costliest divorces in sports, in which she netted over $15 million from the sale of two properties, Brooke Gordon stayed mostly out of the public eye. That changed after she had a child with then boyfriend James Dixon II. The two were no longer an item after the birth of the baby, and Brooke decided to give the baby the last name Gordon despite the fact that the baby was not related to Jeff Gordon in any meaningful way. Dixon II sued Brooke Gordon for custody of their child as well as thousands of dollars monthly, a million dollar home and a Mercedes Benz as child support. On top of that, James Dixon II sued to have the baby be given his last name instead that of Jeff Gordon. Brooke ended up winning the suit, keeping custody and the name of her baby intact. She later married Mullins McLeod.

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Brooke Sealy Gordon married W. Mullins McLeod in a private ceremony in Charleston on May 15, 2010.
She lives on Lake Norman in NC. She baught Rusty Wallces house. Other then that...Who
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s courtroom often becomes the center of an orbiting cast of reporters. Ms. Gordon, 58, author of the 2008 tome Mrs. Astor Regrets , is a one-stop reference on virtually every facet
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